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In the book Thirdspace: Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-and-Imagined Places, Edward Soja introduces his theory on Thirdspace. He writes:

My objective in Thirdspace can be simply stated. It is to encourage you to think differently about the meanings and significance of space and those related concepts that compose and comprise the inherent spatiality of human life: place, location, locality, landscape, environment, home, city, region, territory, and geography. In encouraging you to think differently, I am not suggesting that you discard your old and familiar ways of thinking about space and spatiality, but rather that you question them in new ways that are aimed at opening up and expanding the scope and critical sensibility of your already established spatial or geographical imaginations.

Thus, this quote exemplifies that Soja's thirdspace theory goes well with my approach. In the beginning of my process I could find the words for what I was searching for. Soja’s concept provided me with the terminology I needed. 
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