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Bergen School of Architecture︎Thank you

Thank you

Cristian Stefanescu (APP tutor) for your following my process from rainbow to care, and for being a rock to hold on to in during the times of Corona. 

Tom Chamberlain (DAV tutor) for encourage me to allow the project to be ‘a dream caught in meaning’.

Andrea Spreafico (DAV tutor) for saying ‘you can do this’.

Professor Pavlina Lucas for your point on comments and introducing me to Edward S. Soja.

Professor Alberto Altes for your crossover course introducing me to new ways of writing fictional about architecture, and our talk about the house of infinity.

Principal and diploma cooridinator Cecile Anderson for making the situation as well as possible for all of us Masters students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thanks to

Åsmund Hårklau and Eva Bull for always being there for me in good and bad times. Spending your time helping out with preparing paper for drawing and offer me a studio space.

Line Skien for reading trough and correcting spelling errors on parts of the written text.

Frida Nytun and Maria Irgens for helping me organizing my physical and mental space.

Thea Austgulen and Ole-Morten Algerøy for spending hours preparing paper at a late evening at BAS bringing good energy, music and snack. 

Stephanie Tveiten and Arild Instane for helping with google translate hundreds of pages written in Hebrew.  Not to mention, being there when I needed a hug.

Maja Gloppen and Frida Nytun for helping me to go through the enormous digital archive found at

Special Thanks to 

My friends, Geographer and Historian Daniel Haristo and sociolinguist Elad Eisen, for introducing me to relevant sources and how to navigate on these specific Hebrew webpages, as well as explaining the master plans. 

Helene Isabelle Millan Eide for our time together in Jerusalem.

Karoline Haukjem for being my cheerleader. It means a lot. Thank you <3
Thanks to all of my fellow class mates for the shared time.
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